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Our sporty KEUKEN #3: The Athlete’s Feast last year witnessed the launch of our Highlight Booths program. That, and these old pals from Sugarush. Yes, this is their honorable second time in joining KEUKEN as one of the beloved Highlight Booths.

Let’s just say it loud: everybody loves sweet treats, and that is just exactly how we love Sugarush. How could anyone forget their lines of sugar-dipped churros, tiny lovely macarons, and all this cake slices? But better yet, their special baked rice and pastas were all as good!

They also worked out their brand program very well at the last KEUKEN #4. Transporting their famous monster pasta all the way from their restaurant in Braga, Sugarush challenged KEUKEN visitor in beating the red-hot chili monster within a period of time.

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Ranging their food and beverages outlets and restaurants from the raw, adventurous Karnivor to intimate, homey Nanny’s Pavillon, Altima Group strived their way in scooping Bandung’s diverse culinary hunters. Their one-day booth opened as one of our Highlight Booths here in KEUKEN #4; providing wide-range selection of food through all their broad menus.

And how wouldn’t we love Altima’s Mrs. Nanny mascot, reminding us those comfortable embraces of our own home? Their exclusive pancake with blueberry spread all over was proven to be everyone’s favorite. She even managed in running a cooking class session with our visitors in KEUKEN’s signature Mobile Kitchen!

Another menu selection we highlight for their yesterday’s KEUKEN booth is Seafood Platter from People’s Kitchen and juicy meat experiments from Karnivor. Yum!

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As lively as we want KEUKEN in indulging every visitor, Fabrik contributes many things. A flourishing restaurant in the heart of Bandung known for its vibrant ambience and classy food, Fabrik’s booth in KEUKEN #4 amazed many of the crowds with their specialties and high-spirit. Their highlighted menus are far more than everyone can ask: Holy Sh*t Chicken with Chips and Mini Black Burger from the food list, and Fruit Paradise from beverages section.

By our Merry Nighttime Section started, they also launched another special menu never seen before even previously in their restaurant: an exceptional Bruschetta Three Ways and Flambé Crepes. You should seriously witness that moment.

They also commenced their barista and chefs in mixing cocktails in our Bike Bar and selections of food in our Mobile Kitchen!

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We at KEUKEN happily welcomed one prominent provider of fashionable goods in Bandung, Happy-Go-Lucky, as they joined our special sponsoring partner slot. They deliver such an evocating space within KEUKEN #4’s venue with all the glamorous mirrors juxtaposed in confirming everybody’s poise look.

Happy-Go-Lucky also unleashed their proud costumed ambassador, namely Happy Woman and the Lucky Man, where they get all around our venue spreading sprinkled joy and luck for everyone. They also sold a 150K-worth gift card for only 100K (I can’t really believe what I hear myself). Oh-so-generous!

You girls may also want to watch Happy-Go-Lucky out—this mid-year, as they’re transforming themselves into a more mature and premium brand, they’re allowing a 10 percent discounts for student cards holder in their retail outlet!

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One of our many proud achievement within KEUKEN #4’s period of making is that we managed to be the first festival channeling Bandung crowds with this prominent wagyu factory. It’s Holy Cow by Chef Afit on their first successful interaction with the culinary markets in Bandung! Super modest Chef Afit as the generous mind behind the ever-expanding restaurant aimed to introduce affordable wagyu for everyone has also agreed to cook behind our highlighted Kitchen Stage. Boy, you should see how that juicy meats gone from the plate in just seconds.

Their distinctively decorated booth catered the visitors in their original way: open to serve the lunch-hunting carnivores at noon prime time, an afternoon break in preparing all the necessary ingredients and services, and another wagyu rage for dinner from early evening until night. Then how would they attract people, you said? Needn’t to, for they managed to sell out all their steak menus even before we officially end The Jolly Camaraderie feast. Yay!

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It was certainly a great honor for us to welcome ISMAYA Group as one of our Highlight Booths caterer in this KEUKEN #4. They conjoined their two distinguished restaurants, Pizza é Birra and Sushigroove into one giant booth of pleasure. Both of the brands brought along all their specialty menus and programs to make all joy along the whole day’s event alight.

The innovative pizzeria in Pizza é Birra’s concept conveyed delightful pizza frenzy with wide range of taste choices for everyone, accompanied with flavored beer to make sure everyone’s entertained; while Sushigroove’s breakthrough on fusion sushi packed on a Groovy Package set the festival ablaze with cheerings.

Late at the Merry Nighttime Session on KEUKEN, the two brands successfully gathered the entire present crowd for a double competition, where they conducted a back-to-back pizza eating and sushi making competition. You folks rock!


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As we end the whole-day celebration, as buzzing chatters fade to deafening yet warm silence, as the sweet or savory aroma throughout the venue goes thinner.

We only have this two small words of endless gratitude: thank you. Thank you for our 30 food and beverages tenants, 6 lovely highlight booths, 16 brilliant Kitchen Stage cooks and chefs, 10 rad DJ performers, 5 awesome music bands, helping hands from all partners and sponsors;

and sincere thanks for all of you who had come to KEUKEN #4: The Jolly Camaraderie.

You, you, you, a glimpse of another you, and everyone that made yesterday’s blast was just as unforgettable.

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